Condominium living is a great way to enter the Laguna Beach housing market. Or, it’s a great way to downsize to your dream community.

Either way, a condominium offers entry into ownership within a community. Unlike detached homes, the condominium’s association handles much of the maintenance. This includes such expensive items as exterior surfaces and structures, roofing, windows, landscaping and pools. They also often have shared indoor spaces such as fitness centers, meeting spaces and even theaters. With someone else to handle the complex stuff, that leaves you free to make the inside your home.

Some condominiums regulate a certain level of changes or upgrades to the interior, but typically, you are free to paint or wallpaper, hang drapes or blinds, and other non-structural improvements.

The same is true of any private yard area. You may be allowed to add pavers, install a hot tub, or sandbox in your private backyard. But there typically are limitations or specific regulations covering the shared walls or fences between you and your adjoining neighbors.