In addition to the fantastic FREE trolley service offered by the City of Laguna Beach, the trolley service runs special hours for school service.

Trolley Service to and from Local Schools

More great trolley service: The City of Laguna Beach provides after-school trolley service from Thurston Middle School to downtown Laguna Beach.

The trolley will depart from Thurston Middle School at 3:20 PM every weekday. There are stops at:

  • Park/St. Ann’s
  • Legion/Short
  • Legion/Goff
  • And the downtown Bus Depot.

A second trolley will depart Thurston at 3:45 PM on the same route.

In addition, to serve Laguna Beach High School at arrival and dismissal times, both morning and afternoon trolleys run on the Weekday Coastal route. These trolleys go between North and South Laguna, but deviate off Coast Highway.

Laguna Beach Trolley
Laguna Beach Schools are Another Great Reason to Live Here

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